Manama during Ramadan…

Manama has been very quiet the last day that I have been here.  At sundown life starts coming back to the city, and restaurants (and internet cafes) start to open.  I was out pretty late last night wandering around.  The souqs are pretty standard, but always nice to walk through.  I feel really invisible here.  The population must be either really used to seeing foreigners, or they just truly don’t care.  The city is very modern and friendly.  The food has been great, but most places are abstaining from kebab due to Ramadan unfortunately.  One thing to note, it has a dangerous currency conversion.  At 2.6 dollars to dinar, you can lose your wallet and not even notice.  Everything seems so cheap :).  For being the debaucherous nightlife city of the peninsula, it is surprisingly relaxing right now.  From everything I’ve read online about the noise, and annoying aspects of being in a “party city” I would definitely suggest coming to visit during Ramadan.  It’s been quite a nice time so far.  Tomorrow I catch my flight to Iraq, so I will go visit some of the tourist sites of Bahrain this evening…


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