Foreign Service Written Test Results Published!

Today I received the official letter confirming that I passed the FSOT. I am very excited having waited two years since I first took the test to finally pass it! I was also pretty encouraged by my score. In previous years, the letter was simply a pass/fail letter informing you of the outcome. This year they started adding the test results on the letters. In 2011, a multiple choice score of 154 and an essay score of 6/12 is required to go on to the next steps. Here is a breakdown of my scores:

Job Knowledge: 59.91
Biographic info: 73.07
English Expression: 55.93
Total: 188.91
Essay: 8/12

I am still waiting for the test date for Arabic. I received the initial email requesting time to test, but that was a week ago. Now, I will be composing my Personal Narrative essays that are do by next week. Crossing my fingers…



One Response to “Foreign Service Written Test Results Published!”

  1. Carol Says:

    Awesome!!! Congradulations.

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