Happy holidays from Belgium!

I’ve been in Belgium for 8 days now, and it has been a really great time so far. The Christmas season in Belgium is a bustling time. Besides shopping at malls and Christmas lights, every city has their own Christmas Market. These include food, carnival rides, and alcohol…a lot of alcohol! In the last week I’ve been to several: Hasselt, Genk, Maastricht (Netherlands), and Dusseldorf (Germany). When I lived in Belgium eleven years ago, I lived with two different host families. So it works out very nice that I have one family to spend Christmas Eve with, and one to spend Christmas Day with. It’s been really nice to see old friends, eat some (okay, I’ve eaten a lot) Belgian Fries, and speaking Flemish. Here are some pictures of the different Christmas Markets:

Maastricht, Holland

Dusseldorf, Germany

Genk, Belgium


4 Responses to “Happy holidays from Belgium!”

  1. Judy Kieffer Says:

    Keep Posting.

  2. cara Says:

    Merry Christmas Ryan! Miss you! Have a wonderful time on your adventures! Looking forward to hearing all about it when you get back!

  3. Hilde Says:

    Ryan, ‘t was eeeeeeeeeeeeecht geweldig om je bij ons te hebben op kerstavond. The lost son is back!! Let’s keep in touch!

    Je “zus” Hilde

  4. san Says:

    Kom alsjeblieft nog eens langs, broertje. In Arendonk of Rekem. ❤ you!!!

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