Why not? It’s better than the world’s biggest yarn ball…

So in the midst of an otherwise very busy travel day, it’s still important to take in the weirdest of slightly out of the way roadside attractions. The day started in Brasov. Red Bull in hand, competitive driving ensued. Mid-day break for lunch in Sibiu turned into an hour of walking around and climbing a church tower (I took the stairs in case you read that and think it sounds cooler than what actually happened). Some quick pics of Sibiu:

After lunch it was back in the car for more competitive driving. And the interesting thing on the menu was a little town called Turda. Yes, you read it right: Turda. The further you get out of Bucharest, you encounter little towns (and bigger ones) with one main industrial focus. Turda is home to a crazy excavated salt mine. Now that the salt mine has ceased to continue operations, somebody came up with the only logical use for a 1,500 ft carved out salt mine: put in a family fun center. So, it is the creepiest ping pong, mini golf, bowling, boat ride kiddie fun center on earth. Check it out:

So, after hiking down into bowels of family fun, there is no more joy I can find in Romania. Everything will just be a failed version of the splendor of subterranean Ferris wheels. So now onward to Serbia…

An homage?


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