Awe and shock!

I am still impressed by the beauty in this city. The parks and monuments that have been built here are amazing. There are fountains at the most seemingly random locations. I spent the day at Minaret Park. The weather cooled down today and it was really pleasant, with a nice breeze. There are so many surprises to be found here, like a Disneyland style tram ride between two parks. I didn’t even know where the other end of the tram was, but I bought a ticket anyways. It looked fun and offered a nice aerial vantage point to help me get my bearings on the city. It was definitely worth the $4.

When I arrived on the other side, it was a beautiful park with tons of people out and about relaxing and eating from the popcorn/kebab stands. Probably 200 people laying out on the grass and enjoying an ice cream, or Pepsi (sorry Coke, Pepsi is dominating Iraqi market share right now). In the middle of the park is an art gallery displaying works from university students from all over Iraq. Really fantastic paintings for cheap as well. I ended up walking out with a piece of pretty abstract Arabic art from an artist from Mosul.

I have found one of the tastiest flavors ever. This makes me happy. “Classical Sauce!” I imagine Beethoven requesting this stuff with his dinner. I don’t know what makes it so classical, but it is an interesting, gluten free sauce made from dates, tomatoes, and has a sweet and salty taste to it. It was really good though. It looks black and has the consistency of teriyaki sauce, but tastes absolutely amazing.

I’m getting sad about leaving back to Bahrain tomorrow night, but happy about the thought of being home in my own bed. The flight here was an Airbus A320, but the flight back is a little Embraer 170, and I really hate flying in little planes.

Here are some pictures of the day…

I discovered the “next level” of Kurdish rap & hip hop music (I’m sure they won’t mind an international plug).

Erik- second to the last one is for you.


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2 Responses to “Awe and shock!”

  1. Erik Says:

    awesome, i want to go there!

  2. Preventivi edili Says:

    I couldn’t resist commenting. Well written!

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