Our little climbing community

It’s been a few days since arriving on Tonsai, and the climbing community is amazing! Everyone is here for the same reason, and looking to climb. I’m rooming with a Swedish guy named Hampus, and we’ve found a group of about 10 climbers that are all climbing at about the same grade. Every morning we meet for breakfast and decide where we want to spend the day (every crag is within 25 minutes walking anyways). This place is definitely not your average sport crag. The people here are so nice and supportive to everyone. I haven’t met an asshole yet! Our climbing group consists of: Matt and Darlene (a couple from Oakland), Hampus (the Swedish refrigerator sized muscle man), Noah (the sweetest hippie I’ve ever met from Idaho), Nitsan (from Israel), Emmi and Tanya (from Finland), Boi (from Catalonia), and Bernardo (a Brazilian Buddhist). Some are new climbers, some have been climbing for a long time. One great thing about Hampus, being a new climber, is that he hasn’t taken a lead fall yet, so he’s willing to climb things at his limit with absolutely no fear. Seeing Hampus take his first lead fall is definitely on my checklist of things to see this trip. To watch him muscle up the wall is about the least graceful thing you can ever watch, but he succeeds at it every time. Noah on the other hand, is a graceful ballet dancer climbing at the same level. It’s a great thing to watch the two different styles achieve the same results…


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