An electric day in Belgrade…

Big orthodox church, St. Something. It’s hard to keep track of all the orthodox churches here. The unique thing about the Serbian churches are the inside. They are bare bones concrete buildings. There are no frescoes or artworks. They are pretty unimpressive from the insides. The outsides are beautiful, but I guess they figure once they have you inside, they don’t need the marketing anymore. 

The highlight of the day was down the street at the Nikola Tesla museum. The reason you currently have electricity to power your computer or phone to read this is because of a Serb. 

No, not this guy…

This guy. Complete with swagger.

The Tesla museum went through the history of all of his inventions, his designs and how he immigrated to the U.S. and how he built plans for induction motors, transformers, and even a death ray powerful enough to split the earth in half. Dude was cool.

Magnetic fields are witchcraft…Jedi witchcraft.

Transformers are awesome

The first radio controlled boat

His ashes, apparently trapped inside a brass cannonball. Just for the record, that’s how I want to be posthumously kept. Seal me in a cannonball.

So tomorrow is a five or six hour bus ride to Kosovo. Goodbye fabulous Belgrade with all of your modern conveniences…


2 Responses to “An electric day in Belgrade…”

  1. Mnemo Says:

    Cannonball… Can it be a wrecking ball? Seems more appropriate.
    Have a blast, dude! X

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