A pristine day in Pristina…

Ok, so maybe not pristine, but definitely interesting. Kosovo is exactly what you’d expect from a country the age of a second grader. A little disorganized, a little disheveled, but still something that may one day graduate to more. A lot of construction is going on. Like, a LOT! 

Having arrived late last night, my first introduction to Pristina was the blaring prayer at five in the morning (people in Kosovo are ridiculously punctual in everything they do, as a side note). When booking your place to stay in Kosovo, you may want to take into consideration your proximity to mosques, because, to quote Spinal Tap, “their amps go to 11” if you know what I mean.Once awake, it was a quick walk to the Kosovo Museum that details the conflict and all the events of the 90’s. No charge for the museum, because nobody was there. The door opened and the lights were off except for the ones that stay on in the corner. I dont even think there was a lock on the door.Shoulder fired rocket launcher tubes are surprisingly lighter than you’d think.NATO was a major focus of the museum.The most interesting thing I found about the full page New York Times pages were the other crazy articles that made the covers. I encourage you to see what was happening in 1999 and it’s weird to see how much has changed.

There is still a fence where people put pictures of missing people, still not found from the war.And here’s another horse statue. I want to find the statue of some guy not on a horse one day. It’s like that’s all they ever do was ride horses.The newborn monument gets redecorated every year.And Bill Clinton (or Klinton) Boulevard……and the guest of honor.Two doors down from Bill is Hillary.

If you read this blog and the last week’s posts, you may think I only visit underground tourist attractions. I swear to you that have only been to like three or four caves in my life, they just happened to be in the Balkans. Outside of Pristina are the Gadime Caves. It’s a cave that is comprised of marble and has some really cool features. Enjoy the walk through…And finishing the day with the ugly National Library. It’s ugly. I had to take a picture to show how ugly it is. 

Tomorrow is onward to Skopje, Macedonia.


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