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Dallas, TX & Fort Worth, TX

July 10, 2010

I am so heartbroken! I just completed an entry about the great time I had in the DFW area, and my iPad zapped it to the place where all the left socks go! I’ll try my best to recap it again:

Dallas (& Fort Worth) have almost all the requirements of a world city: great people, great food, and a sense of pride in community that is apparent from the moment you step off the plane.

The pride that shines from the sides of the buildings downtown is crazy! The city has some great architecture, and the city is peppered with fountains and parks to enjoy while in the heart of this bustling city. This is amplified by the bright faces of the proud citizens you meet. When discussing what entertainment options that exist, you can see the sense of community that is present with the population. People don’t just live here, they make it a home!

A foodie culture is everywhere in DFW. You will eat some great food. Portions are perfect, people are pleasant, and palettes are pleased. The servers I spoke with were very savvy and more than happy (and more importantly, able) to provide me with some dish recommendations without gluten. Some recommendations were the Swiss cheese Kobe beef burger (sans bun of course), and the spicy barbecue lamb with asparagus. Prices are reasonable, but what you get at most restaurants is easily worth double. You will find fine dining, without gluten, with ease and without breaking the bank.

The weather is not bad in Dallas. The perception everyone has, is that it is miserably hot in the summer. Relax, it isn’t Houston (please don’t send me any more hate mail Houston, I got enough after my Houston posting a few weeks ago)! The nice thing about a dry climate is that 95 degrees feels pretty pleasant. Put on a t-shirt and a smile and make Dallas a summer destination as well.