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Super Critical Needs Language assessment…

July 27, 2011

Dude. Telephone language exams are not easy. Unfortunately I can’t provide any detail on the test due to the non-disclosure agreement, but suffice to say I don’t think I’ll be receiving any bonus points for Modern Standard Arabic. The super critical needs languages are tested immediately after passing the FSOT. It would’ve been great to have that showing in my file before it gets to the QEP. Upon completion of the language test, they do not tell you whether or not you passed, but I have a feeling that it didn’t go well. I’ll know when I get the results from the Board of Examiners. Bummer. After the Orals, I’ll still be able to test in Flemish/Dutch, which will give me the .17 bonus points on my candidacy. I’ll take it…


Foreign Service Written Test Results Published!

July 12, 2011

Today I received the official letter confirming that I passed the FSOT. I am very excited having waited two years since I first took the test to finally pass it! I was also pretty encouraged by my score. In previous years, the letter was simply a pass/fail letter informing you of the outcome. This year they started adding the test results on the letters. In 2011, a multiple choice score of 154 and an essay score of 6/12 is required to go on to the next steps. Here is a breakdown of my scores:

Job Knowledge: 59.91
Biographic info: 73.07
English Expression: 55.93
Total: 188.91
Essay: 8/12

I am still waiting for the test date for Arabic. I received the initial email requesting time to test, but that was a week ago. Now, I will be composing my Personal Narrative essays that are do by next week. Crossing my fingers…