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San Diego, CA

June 22, 2010

San Diego most definitely wins the “Best Weather in the World” award. I have never been here when the weather has been bad. This is the “California from the movies”. The easy, laid back nature of San Diego folk make this a pleasant destination for business or pleasure.

The true make up of San Diego is as ideologically diverse as it is ethnically diverse. Home to a huge navy base, San Diego is pretty buzz cut. You will see lots of support for the military as it is a huge part of the local economy.

On the flip side, there is the expected beach bum contingent as well keeping up the laid back reputation of the area. The slackers are here. Why would you get a job when you can go surf during the day and live with 8 of your friends comfortably for cheap. Think Point Break and this is what you will find in the San Diego beach communities (minus the bank robbing, of course). Did I mention that the water is just a little colder than bathwater? It is amazing. Truly one of the most hospitable climates on earth. Maybe the weather makes people friendlier, but the slackers and military crowds exist seemingly harmoniously as well.

I stayed near the Gaslamp District in downtown SD. It has a reputation as a more raucous neighborhood filled with bars and debauchery. This neighborhood is a great place to stay if you don’t want to drive, or worry about transportation. Everything can be found in a short walk. The district gets its name from the very cute light posts lining the streets downtown. This is unconfirmed, but I believe they actually are still powered by gas, not electricity. Feel free to correct me on that.

I had business in Murrieta, CA the next day and made the hour drive. The surrounding areas of San Diego get really rural, really fast. Most of these communities are driven by the transportation (trucking mainly) or manufacturing industries. Great cheap food, but not exactly a destination.

I’m sure everyone reading this blog is tired of reading about me eating tacos, but I am only a few miles away from Mexico. It would be a crime to not write about the tacos. These little greasy pig and corn concoctions are the best you will ever eat. I am so depressed that I can’t make a taco this good. I can’t even tell you why it was so good, but it was amazing. Another reason to do as the Romans when in Rome.

For those curious about getting to Mexico from San Diego, there is a train from downtown that will drop you off at the border. I believe it was just a few dollars for the ride. Remember to bring your passport and account for a long process coming back. Local radio stations give updates about the approximate border wait times with the traffic if you are thinking about checking out TJ.