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I’ve played enough Castlevania to know where this is going…

March 7, 2015

After a day of layover in Frankfurt, it’s been a Romanian last couple of days. Brasov, Romania is a cute little town situated in the center of the country, surrounded by mountains (and from the looks of all the outdoor shops, full of climbers). The Romanians have been very hospitable and very nice and pleasant. The food consists of meet on top of meat, with a side of meat. Overall, it’s been easy to navigate and my Ford Fiesta has handled well, even on the snowy Transylvanian roads. Today was a trip to Bran Castle, which is home to “Dracula.” I put that in quotes because it’s a “supposedly his home” situation. Although Vlad III is the supposed inspiration for the myth and he did spend time imprisoned there. Worth the half an hour drive and interesting to see. Hidden staircases and old furniture are alway fun. People were short back then and I did smack my head on a beam at least once. Photos from around:

This guy gave the tour, but kept annoyingly pointing out the quantity of everything that was there…

Bran Castle from the walk up

Palinca – 100 proof plum liquor